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Enhance your writing career by improving your verbal communication skills

Mark Twain: “I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.”

Fear of public speaking might be hurting your career
Surveys and research results show that most of us would rather die than talk in front of a live audience

Fundamental business skill

It’s a myth that effective public speakers have natural talent. Effective verbal communication is a timeless and fundamental business skill that can be learned. We can learn to give quick and accurate responses.
rock carving

Same message, different tools.

  • Technologies change
  • Tools change
  • Teams change
  • Jobs change

The ability to listen and respond appropropriate never goes out of style

Develop a content plan for enhancing your verbal skills

Key ingredients: Community, Communication, Methodology

Methodology is something that does not come to mind when we think of effective verbal communication.
  • BUILD your community to identify who you need to communicate with. Earn respect by keeping your word and listening to others with respect.
  • EMPLOY your communication skills and project management skills to identify what you want to say
  • USE the framework methodology to organize how you want to say it.

Effective verbal communication starts with being present

Technical writers are producing the best content that is matched to particular user needs.
  • Ensure that you are invited to the strategy and planning meetings by offering good content to help reach the common goals
  • Build community by listening, responding thoughtfully, and earning trust
  • Respect relationships above publishing mechanisms
When you are present, be fully present and listen hard. Listening is an activity.

Powerful secret: you have high value and you have much to offer.

Framework technique organizes your thoughts and reduces thinking

Use the framework technique to place any type of content into a frame so that it has some logical organization. Framework organization helps reduce the thinking that is needed to say what we mean.
Organized communication helps to increase our confidence.
Improvising is a learned skill that helps you think fast and respond with competence and confidence.

Frameworks include:
  • past, present, future
  • why, what, how
  • accomplishments, obstacles, next actions
  • situation, action, result
  • I believed this before, but I don’t think that way anymore because…
  • dreamer, realist, critic

Mix them up, create new ones, frameworks are a tool that you can customize to fit your needs.

Thanks to Ed Andriessen for sharing these frameworks. Ed is a fellow Toastmaster and CEO of Business Training Resources.

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