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My path to STC Associate Fellow

This week my friend and former DataStax teammate Jamie Gillenwater joined the ranks of the Society for Technical Communication (STC) Associate Fellows. She was in good company with the 2021 class of Associate Fellows. Associate Fellow is one of three honorary ranks in STC. It is the second highest rank that STC can confer upon … Continue reading

Want to learn something? Offer to teach it

When I want to learn a new skill or sharpen a familiar skill, I offer to teach someone else. The best gift that I can give is my time, talent, and attention. The best reason to give the gift is to help someone else and pay it forward. An unexpected reward is the glow of … Continue reading

Saying NO to have more YES time

My family and close friends know about my addiction. My calendar addiction. Way back in 2013, I was “caught in the act” at 4:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning, when I woke from a restless sleep to complete a time-sensitive volunteer leadership commitment. Instead of slumbering peacefully on a Sunday morning, I was awake and … Continue reading

Magic of Chautauqua Institution

In 2008 a friend visited the indescribable Chautauqua Institution for a week long vacation. Since then, a little tickle in my heart has been calling me to visit Chautauqua. Forbes recently published an article that captures the Magic of Chautauqua Institution. In September 2011, a mutual acquaintance invited me and my mom to share a … Continue reading

Afterglow from STC Summit 2012

20 May-23 May, 2012 Rosemont, IL – I attended and participated in STC Summit 2012, the annual international Society for Technical Communication conference. My fellow 800+ attendees were technical writers, information developers, technical editors, web content architects, user experience experts, eTraining and eLearning masters, and technical communication academic professionals. Our industry is populated with smart … Continue reading

Recognition is a powerful motivator

We all crave recognition. How do we get it? The first step is to join something that you believe in, that you want to be a part of, and that you want to contribute to. I am an Associate Fellow and active member of the international Society for Technical Communication (STC). Our STC members are professionals all over the world, with membership … Continue reading

PCC Employment Outreach Event: January 21, 2012

Many people need a little help with their job search. The PCC Employment Support Group in Pennington, NJ was started in June 2011. We decided to launch a community outreach event to benefit the New Jersey and Pennsylvania job seeking community. We hope that our PCC Employment Outreach Event (EOE) becomes an annual event. PCC … Continue reading

Looking for a way to contribute? Share your talent and your time

I always feel better when I make a significant contribution. Giving my time and my talent is a rewarding activity, especially when I make a positive impact. As a professional writer, I find that my time and my professional talents are the best gifts that I have to share with my friends who are “in … Continue reading

The Four Agreements, a fine way to live and work

The way that we live and work defines us. In his book The Four Agreements, the author Miguel Ruiz offers a code for living our life with peace and happiness. The first principle in this code of conduct is Be impeccable with your word. Words are seeds, so plant a garden of abundance and hope. … Continue reading


Ho’oponopono (ho-o-pono-pono) is an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. Some Ho’oponopono practitioners believe that harmony can be restored with confession and apology. Life is better, we can move forward more easily, and our hearts are lighter when we forgive. I am still working on the total forgiveness practice, but I am consciously moving … Continue reading