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Want to learn something? Offer to teach it

When I want to learn a new skill or sharpen a familiar skill, I offer to teach someone else. The best gift that I can give is my time, talent, and attention. The best reason to give the gift is to help someone else and pay it forward. An unexpected reward is the glow of … Continue reading

So, you want to give a lightning talk?

Lightning talks… what are lightning talks? Why are they so much fun? Why do we love them? An instant cure for death by PowerPoint, a lightning talk is an entertaining and alternative method of sharing information. Lightning talks were added to the international Society for Technical Communication (STC) Summit in 2011 and have quickly gained in … Continue reading

Do you know the Career Sherpa?

I am proud to know and support the Career Sherpa. I first met Hannah Morgan when I attended her “Using Social Media to Enhance Your Career” presentation at the 2011 Spectrum conference in Rochester, NY. The annual Spectrum conference is sponsored by the outstanding Rochester Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication (STC). My online … Continue reading

2nd annual PCC Employment Outreach Event

I am pleased to launch my “pay it forward” action plan for 2013 with the second annual Princeton Community Church (PCC) Employment Outreach Event. In 2011, I was in between jobs and attended the PCC employment support group. I learned of a planned conference and jumped in to help plan our inaugural event in January … Continue reading

Guiding an interested colleague into the wondrous world of technical writing

I work for a company that values cross-functional relationships and corporate-wide knowledge sharing. We strive to help each other succeed. I recently helped the front line customer support team craft their content into a structured document using the corporate template. The exercise was fun for all of us. We analyzed their content, used task-based titles … Continue reading

Afterglow from STC Summit 2012

20 May-23 May, 2012 Rosemont, IL – I attended and participated in STC Summit 2012, the annual international Society for Technical Communication conference. My fellow 800+ attendees were technical writers, information developers, technical editors, web content architects, user experience experts, eTraining and eLearning masters, and technical communication academic professionals. Our industry is populated with smart … Continue reading

STC Technical Communication Summit 2012: Communication Culture on Tuesday morning

It must be conference time! As my global software company manager and teammates attend the 2012 CIDM CMS/DITA North America Conference this week, I wish them happy learning. Attending conferences is an important part of my own professional development. In addition to attending professional development events each year, I’m honored to be selected as a speaker for the STC Technical … Continue reading

PCC Employment Outreach Event: January 21, 2012

Many people need a little help with their job search. The PCC Employment Support Group in Pennington, NJ was started in June 2011. We decided to launch a community outreach event to benefit the New Jersey and Pennsylvania job seeking community. We hope that our PCC Employment Outreach Event (EOE) becomes an annual event. PCC … Continue reading

Sharing what we know with our industry peers, consider presenting!

Bright ideas are attractive. Conferences, such as the 2011 STC Philadelphia Metro Chapter-sponsored Mid-Atlantic Technical Communication Conference, are designed to inform and spark new ideas. I was recently inspired to learn and contribute as a conference speaker. We all have knowledge and experiences that can inspire others. In our conversations with coworkers, friends in the … Continue reading