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Is there a Freedom Boat Club near you? If so, I’m more than interested in a home exchange to your area. The concept of home exchanging promotes sustainability for accommodations. The same concept of shared economy applies to boating. From the deck of our Freedom Boat Club pontoon boat, we enjoyed this lovely island in St. Petersburg.

I like boating in different ports of call. In 2017, I rented a pontoon boat for Thanksgiving weekend and was hooked on the joys of carefree boating. I immediately joined Freedom Boat Club and started spending more time at the helm of many different vessels. With planning and research, I can enjoy being on the water and exploring new areas safely with no additional expense.

On my travels, I have boated in all over my home state of Florida and also Georgia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. There are other members-only boating clubs so if you like boating, you might consider checking out a club near you. The member’s only boating club that I have access to is Freedom Boat Club with over 275 locations.

In April 2021, these ports of call are attractive to me. Do you have a home near the locations shown on this map? What is your home exchange listing number? I’m interested.

Do you want to visit Boynton Beach, Florida? Consider a home exchange with us. We love to meet fellow travelers. Let us know if you are in the area, we would like to meet you and show you around. Let’s go for a boat ride! Come see our garden.

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