How to get started with home exchange

My first blog post why i love home exchanging was to provide authentic answers to questions from my curious friends.

I’ve since relied on responses to other frequently asked questions from the friendly and supportive People Like Us Home Exchange Facebook community.

I’ve crowd-sourced and curated answers to other frequently asked questions with my getting our home ready checklist and when it’s time for guests to leave our home departure checklist.

Because our community is so friendly, we invite you to join the Facebook group and even create a trial listing to try on the home exchange experience to see if it fits.

One of the first questions curious friends ask is “How do I get started?”. First, decide if home exchanging is a good fit. I always ask “Are you comfortable with someone else’s head in your bed?” If the answer is yes, then congratulations, you’ve passed the entry exam. If you’re ready to get started, review these tips from me and other People Like Us community members.

  • Your first step is to create a profile on the People Like Us website. Here you can also search for places to go and contact other members. Once you are listed, the world is your oyster! You’ve officially joined a magical world of travel that can be life changing (a little dramatic, but just a little). This decision can be the start of worldwide adventures. 
  • Prepare to be inspired. Browse through our PLU website, sign up, and register your home. The FAQ section has a lot of great information about home exchange and PLU. If you have questions, it’s easy to reach out. You can create a post on the Facebook group or send a support email on PLU.
  • Create your home listing. Be relaxed and kind to yourself. Your listing will take weeks, even months to showcase your home and your preferences as you wish. Take your time, do a little at time if you are more comfortable with that pace. Post each photo as you go.
  • Add captions to your photos and select to translate them. Captions tell nice stories.
  • Add photos of your neighborhood and area points of interest. I have bird photos in my Tropical Oasis waterfront pool home near beach listing because Boynton Beach, FL is a wonderful birding destination. I included photos of the beach, since our beautiful ocean parks are only 3 miles away.
  • Create your profile. Have fun with it! Look at other traveler profiles to be inspired and see what piques your interest.
  • See What makes a great listing on the PLU Tips page.
  • Give your home listing a self-describing title to attract your exchange partners. Include the city title, area gems, or features that make your home unique.
  • Prepare your home as you would for a cherished guest: clean, tidy, and remove clutter. Now you are ready to take your photos. Turn your lights on. Take photos on a sunny day. Do one room at a time, whatever works for you and your situation.
  • Next time you tidy your garden, get your outdoor shots.
  • Take before photos, too, so you can be proud of all you accomplish on your getting ready journey.
  • After all the required listing sections are filled in for your listing, you are ready to activate your home. Your listing is immediately available for searching on the website.

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