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A great hat is universal

How often do we hear the adage “Use the right tool for the job”?

In practice, few people seem to be able to pick the right tool, because they don’t know enough different tools. Experience helps us identify, select, and acquire the right tools for each job. Which brings me to the subject of hats.

I absolutely love the outdoors. With a yen to adapt healthy outdoor living practices, I went on a quest to improve my own sun protection. My dermatologist told me “the best sunscreen is a long-sleeved shirt and a hat”… so I started acquiring hats, lots of hats. Outdoor hats that are suitable for safaris. Fun hats for trips to amusement parks. Fancy hats that dressed me up for a tea party. Hats that I can swim in. Hats that travel well, tidy up with a good scrub, and provide the right blend of shade and fashion.

Some of my hats were too small and squeezed my head. Some hats were too large and flew off in the lightest breeze. Finally, I discovered a hat that was just right!

Hokianga HatMy mom and I were traveling in Pahia, New Zealand when we met Judy Cartwright, a talented designer and hat maker. We purchased two “creative hats for everyday wear” on our initial Hokianga hat acquisition. A year later, we purchased five more hats. We wear them indoors and outdoors… daytime and evening.

We get compliments on our hats whenever and wherever we wear them. I keep duplicate hats in Florida and New Jersey. I am now ordering my third set of hats from Judy, this time… a baker’s dozen.

You can view a subset of her creations at http://www.hokiangahats.co.nz and contact Judy at info@hokiangahats.co.nz. Tell her that Barrie sent you.

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