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Optimizing your LinkedIn profile for professional communication network building

On September 27, I presented to students, faculty, and members of the STC Palm Beaches Chapter on Optimizing your LinkedIn profile for professional communication network building. By a show of hands, only one attendee out of over 40 indicated that he had updated his LinkedIn profile in the last month (with a status update or … Continue reading

Guiding an interested colleague into the wondrous world of technical writing

I work for a company that values cross-functional relationships and corporate-wide knowledge sharing. We strive to help each other succeed. I recently helped the front line customer support team craft their content into a structured document using the corporate template. The exercise was fun for all of us. We analyzed their content, used task-based titles … Continue reading

Crafting your student and new graduate profile on LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn profile is your interactive business card. Why wait until you are looking for an internship? Dig your well before you are thirsty. Install the LinkedIn app on your smart phone and start building your network today. Consult the official LinkedIn resource for students, see Grads.LinkedIn.com. Reference additional credible sources for LinkedIn profile tips for … Continue reading

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile

Most of us have a LinkedIn profile, but we don’t provide the proper care and feeding. I frequently present on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile. You can start your LinkedIn profile learning by viewing the LinkedIn Training: Improve your profile on the world’s largest business network slides. Then follow up with an objective assessment … Continue reading