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Make time for 1:1 and feedback

I read a magazine article in my dentist’s office years ago that still sticks with me. The basic thought of the article is that the 3 As are the solid foundation of any relationship:

A = Acceptance (a big one for quirky me!)

A = Affection (always a win for demonstrative me)

A = Affirmation

Affirmation is a form of recognition that we can all give the people that are important to us. “Hey, you’re important to me!” and “I value you as a person” and “You make a difference in my ____” (fill in the blank: life, team, project, family, group).

We’re not all rock star employees, but we all crave recognition. I agree with the advice for frequent feedback. Ask your boss for time today! Or make time for your employees, friends, family, and team members. See the WebWorkerDaily article 5 ways to keep your rockstar employees happy.

Recognition, the elusive and highly sought reward… give it today!

About Barrie Byron

Innovative information developer specializing in presenting complex ideas in ways that are clear and concise. Persistent optimist, intrepid adventurer, mentor. Builder of relationships, connecting friends and peers to people they want to know. Social duct tape and generator of goodwill. Follow me on twitter @barriebyron


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