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LinkedIn tips, tricks, techniques and resource links

I frequently donate resume makeovers. As I review the candidate’s resume, I also review their LinkedIn profile and suggest changes.

It’s worth taking the time to improve your online profile.

Learn how to use and navigate LinkedIn. Like many tools, our LinkedIn user experience evolves and features are added and removed. You can read and subscribe to the official LinkedIn blog for current insights and information about LinkedIn.

Increase your visibility on LinkedIn

Strive for a minimum of 100 connections. By adding connections, you increase the likelihood that people will see your profile first when they’re searching for someone to hire or do business with

Improve your connectability

Fill out your profile like it’s an executive bio, so include past companies, education, affiliations, and activities.

Include a link to your LinkedIn profile as part of an email signature (for example, my LinkedIn profile URL is www.linkedin.com/in/barriebyron). This link enables people to see all of your credentials, which would be awkward if not downright strange, as an attachment.

Improve your Google PageRank

LinkedIn allows you to make your profile information available for search engines to index.

  • LinkedIn profiles receive a fairly high PageRank in Google
  • Create a public profile and select “Full View.“
  • Customize the default LinkedIn profile URL, to be your actual name. Use this link in various places on the web. For example, when you comment in a blog, include a link to your profile in your signature.

Perform blind, “reverse,” and company reference checks

Have you ever thought of checking your prospective manager’s references? Most of us don’t have the audacity to ask a potential boss for references, but with LinkedIn we have a way to scope out the hiring manager.

Are you digitally distinct? Check your online identity and take the required steps to improve the search results.

Review these 5 LinkedIn Tips You Didn’t Know, including using Signal.

Learn how to create a winning profile.

As with all online memberships, connections, resources, and applications, you must stay current with the account and privacy settings. For new settings and a box that you will want to uncheck, see LinkedIn, Privacy, and Notification.

A recent connection shared his post ​LinkedIn Expert Reveals: How to Use Video on your LinkedIn Profile.

About Barrie Byron

Innovative information developer specializing in presenting complex ideas in ways that are clear and concise. Persistent optimist, intrepid adventurer, mentor. Builder of relationships, connecting friends and peers to people they want to know. Social duct tape and generator of goodwill. Follow me on twitter @barriebyron


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